Broken hammer

Broken hammer
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Brushless Cordless ROTARY HAMMER


Brushless Cordless ROTARY HAMMER Voltage: 20V Hammer Power: 1.7J No load speed: 0-1400 rpm ..


Rotomartillo 900W


900W 28mm Hammer drill Voltage/Frequency:110-120V 50/60Hz power input:900w No-Load speed:750r/min Rated Impact:4000/min Capacity: concrete/steel/Wood::28mm /16mm/40mm 3 function hammer /drill/hammer drill 1pc depth guage 1pc Wrench 1pc dust cover, 1pc grease cup 1pc carbon brush 8/10/12*150mm SDS Plus drill, ..


40mm Rotary Hammer Sds Max 1050w


40mm Rotary Hammer SDS Max Voltage/frequency:110-120V ~50/60Hz Input power:1050w Rated speed:500/min Impact rate:3500/min Impact enercy:8J Max drilling capacity: Concrete/steel:40mm/13mm With 1pc depth guage, 1pc auxiliary handle, 1pc dust cover, 1pc grease cup, 1pc SDS max drill bit, 1pc SDS max point chisel, 1 pair carbon brush..


Demolition Hammer 1800w


Demolition Hammer Voltage/frequency:110-120v~50/60hz input Power :1800w impact Power:46j strike Per Min:1400min-1 toolholder:hex 30 3m Cable 16awg, Ul Plug accessory: 1 Pair Carbon Brush 1 Pc Point Chisel 30x400mm 1 Pc Hex Flat Chisel 30x400mm 1pc Flat Wrench 1pc Hex Wrench 1pc Oil Tank..


26mm Hammer Drill 800w


26mm Hammer Drill input Power:800w voltage/frequency:110-120v ~50/60hz rated Speed:0-900/min impact Rate:0-4000/min impact Enercy:2.7j max. Drilling Capacity: concrete/steel/wood:26/13/30mm with 3 Sds-plus Hammer Drill Bits,2pcs Chisel, 1pc 13mm Key Chuck, 1pair Carbon Brush, 1pc Chuck Key, 1pc Adaptor, 1pc Guide Ruler..


Rotomartillo 1200W 30mm


30mm Hammer Drill with 3 Function Input Power:1200W Voltage/Frequeny:110-120V~50/60Hz No-Load speed: 800r/min Rated Impact: 4500/min Impact Enercy:2.7J Max. Drilling Capacity: Concrete/Steel/Wood:26/13/30mm With 1pc depth guide, 1pc wrench, 1pc dust cover, 1pc grease cup, 1pair carbon brush,3 drill bit, 2 chisel..

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Martillo De Demolicion 15j


Demolition hammer Voltage/Frequency:110-120v~50/60 input power :1100W Input rate:3900/min impact energy:15J Toolholder:Hex 17 2m cable 16AWG, UL PLUG Accessory: 1 pair carbon brush 1 pc point chisel 17*250mm 1 pc hex flat chisel 17*250mm 1pc wrench BMC packing..


Demolition Hammer 800w 15J


DEMOLITION HAMMER Rated Voltage:120V 60HZ Rated input power:800W Impact Rate:3000 BMP accessories 1pc auxiliary handle 1pc oil 1pc 17*350mm pointed chisel 1pc 17*350mm flat chisel 1pc 33*350mm connecting rod 1pc 65mm tapper 1pc wrench 1pc carbon iron box..

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1200w Hammer Drill


1200W Hammer drill Voltage/Frequency:110-120v~50/60 power input:1200w No-Load speed:940r/min Rated Impact:4800/min concrete/steel/Wood::30mm /16mm/40mm 2function hammer /hammer drill 8/10/12*150mm SDS Plus drill, two chisel:14*250 flat/ point chisel 1pc grease cup 1pc carbon VDE plug with 2m cable Packing:BMC+color label..


900w Hammer Drill


900W Hammer drill Voltage/Frequency:110-120v~50/60 power input:900w No-Load speed:1200r/min Rated Impact:4600/min concrete/steel/Wood::26mm /16mm/40mm 2function hammer /hammer drill 3pcs SDS Plus drill 8/10/12*160mm two chisel:14*250 flat/ point chisel 1pc depth guage 1pc Wrench 1pc dust cover, 1pc grease cup ..

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